“Born in Austria, yet globetrotting since a very young age Alexander obtained a unique combination of precision and creativity; trapped in an everlasting battle between his awareness of commercial success strategies and an artistic attitude he has worked on big nationwide PR campaigns as well as zero budget short films. Being target orientated while at the same time questioning social conventions he stretches limits and brings to table more than one perspective.”




Bilingually raised abroad I returned to my hometown Innsbruck, Austria (above) in my teens where I successfully completed school as well as my BSc. in Management and Economics. Special interest in Marketing was enforced through additional courses, including Entrepreneurial Marketing, at the University of Ütrecht in the Netherlands.

Driven to achieve a well-rounded skillset and advance my creative side I decided to develop my passion for the audiovisual medium. After receiving my Master of Arts in Film Making from the Kingston University in London I’ve been applying my understanding of business and art in a variety of roles within the creative industry in London.

After living in this awe-inspiring city for over 5 years and the severe drop of the Pound due to the Brexit I decided it was time to leave the United Kingdom. Having satisfied my urge to discover the unknown by traveling the world I have since returned to mainland Europe. Utilizing my now broader horizons I am currently tackling new challenges in Austria and am looking forward to amazing things to come.